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The work of Pál Kardos, titled Karvezetés III. Intonálás [Conducting, Volume III – Intonation], published first in 1970 by Tankönyvkiadó, is still a unique, essential volume in the Hungarian scientific musical literature. Its updated edition of 2017 was published by the Kardos Pál Foundation.

In addition to a large number of practical examples to aid rehearsing, the book offers a detailed theoretical analysis for those interested in the scientific background of acoustic. This book is recommended for music teachers and conductors who strive for quality singing and choir sound.

Now, an extended version of this work is available in English, titled Strategy for Choir Building, Choir Sound and Intonation, with some of the musical examples adapted for musicians who received their training in English-speaking countries.

The audio recordings available on the website ( provide valuable help to understand the musical examples. Presentation of the interval ratios is complemented by an over 40-year-old recording of Fancy by Zoltán Kodály performed by the choir of the Kodály School in Kecskemét consisting of 110 primary and secondary school students, conducted by Pál Kardos. (See photo on page 169 in the book.)

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Karvezetés III. Intonálás HUF 3,800

Strategy for Choir Building, Choir Sound and Intonation HUF 11,000 or € 30

Zoltán Kodály: Fancy
Conducted by Pál Kardos
Recorded in 1977
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